Financial Horoscope Analysis - How To Improve Money Management

financial star sign insights by A SorosThanks for dropping by my site and I hope you enjoy this, my first step in publishing my speciality Financial Horoscopes on the Web. This form of astrological interpretation attracts mixed views from the public and fiscal traders alike. However, by showing you how such zodiac insight can help, I hope to encourage you to think about you and your money management personality characteristics.


For those who would like to know a little more about me, I’m Dr Andras Soros. I grew up as a Romani Hungarian by birth, but I’m now married and living in Europe (for many years now).  The world of finance and money (personal, investment, local and global) has long interested me, along with how one may manage and invest money successfully.


From my Romani Gypsy background came an interest in astrology and the analysis of personality traits that might be useful in understanding how I respond to challenging financial (and later investing) decisions.  Despite my initial scepticism, I discovered that understanding the personal characteristics of an individual based on their zodiac sign offered an edge in successful money management. Upon further investigation, I also determined that through the application of astrology and statistical analysis I could determine the likely money trends for a coming annual cycle. This was over 20 years ago and since then I have continued to develop my theories.

Financial Horoscope Astrology Linkage To Monetary Investment

So, you may be wondering, just how can mathematics and the rather more esoteric arena of the zodiac co-exist to a fiscally beneficial level?  This source is commonly used to provide insight into a number of different life areas; perhaps relationships or career aspects. A money horoscope is a derivative form of astrological study that specialises in providing a view into those character aspects that define our attitude, personal traits, and tendencies when dealing with financial matters. Without going into the complex astrological and astronomy analyses that make up these profiles, it is safe to say that they can give you a boost in dealing with wealth challenges.


Whether business, personal investment or other money management, the character you are will determine your prospects of success. Are you a risk taker, do you overly covet money, are you cool and analytical in investing? Do you have rash gambling character traits? Knowing these personality traits and tendencies will help you decide how to manage your monetary commitments.  I promise you that by recognising, harnessing and deploying the inner you, money, investment opportunities and prime periods of likely success will be that much more available to and recognised by you.


So, interested in understanding the inner fiscal genius and keen to know more about your money and money-related astrological character? If ‘Yes’ then let’s get started. Select your zodiac sign from the menu above.